Thursday, May 6, 2010

ICT 1 Benchmark Exam 1

                I personally have a mixed opinion of what the father said, many things that he said is true and is needed to be said but honestly i have to disagree at one point. The point i speak about is  when he says "In schools, I can see why additional connectivity to the web would be beneficial as long as they're using that resource for the right reasons and not Facebook". I wouldn't say that the children shouldn't be able to access face book because i know that once I'm done with my work if I'm bored that would be the first thing I do.
                I am for the smart phones because of many reasons especially concerning the school students. Some things about the school students is many of them lack extremely in penmanship. Either hey write to small or just sloppy period. This is unfair to the teachers but its also unfair to the students because the teachers try to make them re-write it. If we just text everything and sent it threw our emails it would be 1000 times easier.These teachers dont reall deserve to have to try to kill teir eye site just to try and read a paper.
                 Whatever way you take it, reality is many of the children in high schools will have a face book its not like the schools can keep us away from it. Personally from what I know there are MANY sites that can allow the children to access face book threw the schools blocking. So as you can see I'm for the smart phones because it is a very good idea I mean technology is not going to stop progressing so we should we stay with 2005 computers and pencils,pens and papers? We should use smart phones because ts a smart decision.

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